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The weirdo...

In the Morning i get up And drive to School. I don't look at anyone. In the noon i get home by bus and see everyone look at me weird. I try to ignore but there are too many looks i have to hide for. It's like when i am in my room there is a shadow around myself so that nothing can hurt me. But in this bus i feel like their looks will make me die... I don't even know why everyone stared at me like that. And i'll never know.
23.8.13 21:05


Yes i feel lonely, but i won't be able to find another best friend, because i'm too afraid of getting hurt again. I wouldn't make it thorough all this pain again...

21.8.13 18:21

the time

My best friend left me. She just moved on to a better best friend. But the worst moment of my entire life was, when i realized that i'll never find out why she left...
20.8.13 21:34

without words

I walked to school and talked to some classmates. Suddenly one of them asked: "Hey, why do you wear... uhh... nevermind." Than he turned away and started talking to someone else. I couldn't even say a word. But i didn't had to. It was obviously what he wanted to say and even if he didn't ask. It made my heart ache...
19.8.13 18:28

i don't know

Everyday i hope to finally see you again. I want to be a part of your life again. I wish you would choose me and not her. I believe you will come and remember me. I dream about you and me when we were happy. When we were best friends. But right now...

i don't know why i'm still waiting. 

i don't know why i'm still so hopeful.

i don't know why i still believe in it.

i don't know why i still miss you.

i don't know anything at all...

18.8.13 20:25

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