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Play this video and read this story...What do you feel?
I can see you through my window. You're sitting in front of my house. On the street, waiting for me to open the door. You're waiting for me, so that you can apologize. Apologize for liieng in my face. Apologize for yelling at me. Apologize for leaving me all alone in the darkness of the woods. It starts to rain. You look up at the sky but stay on the street. You're waiting for me to open the door. Suddenly i feel the tears start to form in my eyes. And i can see. That you're also about to cry. And i know that we are meant to be. We're perfect for each other. But i don't open the door. I see how a few tears roll down your cheeks. Than more and more. Until you're crying your eyes out. I am doing the same. But i am here sitting in my room. Watching you. I get up to open the door for you. At the same time a car drives over the street. I see you getting hit by the car. I run outside to your bleeding body. "I love you.", you're sighing before closing your eyes forever. I stop crying. You died. But i got to know what i needed to know. You love me...
1.9.13 12:43

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